Caldrea – caring for the home and ourselves should be a beautiful experience.

Caldrea creates incredibly effective formulas that are addictively delightful to use and are crafted to be safe for you, your home and the earth.

Every Caldrea product does what it sets out to do – make the daily tasks of caring for ourselves easier, more satisfying and safe. Made to exacting standards, they are ideal for anyone concerned about the impact of conventional products on the environment–yours and everyone else’s. Or simply for anyone who prefers products without compromise–in scent, performance, aesthetics or touch.

Giftworks Boutique is excited to carry a selection of these wonderful hand and dish soaps, lotions and home cleaning sprays in the following scents: Basil Blue Sage, Tangelo Palm Frond and the ever popular Sea Salt Neroli. Come in to the store and try it for youself!