Exquisite Jewelry Collections in Vancouver

Anne Marie Chagnon

Anne Marie Chagnon Jewelry

Anne Marie Chagnon Jewelry is hand crafted in Montreal and is distinguished by its authenticity and unique character. Each piece is meticulously created and often demonstrates asymmetric equilibrium. Imperfect lines indeed – but perfectly imperfect. All of Anne Marie Chagnon’s jewelry is handmade of fine pewter, glass and vinyl. Horn and bone is also sculpted into certain pieces. Every piece is designed to be a genuine tribute to personal expression, so that each of her jewellery creations is art you can wear according to your whim. Come in Giftworks today to see this exquisite jewelry collection.


Jen Ellis Designs

Jen Ellis Design Jewelry is a hand-crafted, small batch of fine gold and silver jewelry.


Mint Lemonade Designs

Mint Lemonade Designs Jewelry  are handmade with antique bronze and brass with different elements of new and vintage bronze charms, gemstones, polished glass, ceramic, ribbon, lace and leather. Mint Lemonade Designs jewelry is eclectic & whimsical.


Inspired Jewelry Design by Tina Mobius

Inspired Jewelry Design by Tina Mobius was  inspired by a visit to St.  Tropez and is hand made in North Vancouver by the artist using the finish quality beads and materials with a personal touch!


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