Heather Johnston Fine Art Prints Canvases Vancouver

Heather Johnston’s Fine Art Prints and Canvases

Heather Johnston’s fine art prints and canvases are inspired by the the mysteries of life and the beauty of the nature.

Heather’s works can range in size from 12″ up to 40″ square and special sizes can be custom ordered.

These beautiful pieces are all hand made and make an exceptional way to transform the style and environment of any room in a house.

Heather uses digital, photographic and painting applications to create these unique and textured works. Her inspirations are drawn from the Surrealist’s view of the world, where thoughts, dreams and images blend into one another. She also finds inspiration from historical references including the 13th century religious works of Madonnas and Angels and Saints, the Dutch Vanitas paintings, 18th century Botanical illustrations and the dark works from the master of paintings and etchings, Fransisco Goya.

Giftworks is Vancouver’s best place to see Heather Johnston’s collection of fine are prints and canvases. Please feel free to stop by our showroom in Edgemont Village in North Vancouver. We can also order custom prints and canvases if you desire.