Kari Lehr Art – Wild Things Series


Kari Lehr says: “I have always been fascinated by wild things, but bears in particular fill me with a curious sense of wonder and delight mixed with dread. Living in a mountain community, there are many opportunities to see them, and when summer rolls around and the tourists stream through our community, I am always reminded of the excitement I felt (and still feel) while on holidays in years past, with the possibility of a bear sighting always around the next bend in the road or trail. Painting bears allows me to both relax and have fun with paint-and colour! I love to paint them as portraits with an almost human-like quality and connection to the viewer.”

Giftworks Boutique currently carries art greeting card, matted press prints and large archival reproductions of all her work. If we don’t have the selection in stock, we can usually order them in a few days with no shipping fees to the store.


Stunning wildlife images of bears, moose, grey wolves, bison and many more. Come see the selection.karilehrcollagekarilehrraven

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